Answer for question 4174.

If you won the lottery, what three things would you buy first? Would you give any to charity? Would you take the money all at once or get it in installments?
I would pay for my nephews medical treatments and all costs associated. I would buy everyone in my family and all of my friends homes and cars..then I would use the rest to do random anonymous acts of kindness.

Faith in humanity..restored

The last two weeks have been some of the roughest days in my life. We found out that my 9 year old nephew Andrew has Retinoblastoma. My family is as close as a family can be. Needless to say the news of this cause a crippling fear in all of us. We found out (thankfully!) two days ago that it has not spread beyond his retina, which makes it easier to be cured. Please send prayers up for him and our family during this rough time! He is such an amazingly brave kid. He knows he might lose his eye, and he's calm about it. He told me "nah nah, I'll have a glass eye..but they look like real eyes!". He has a long journey ahead of him. Please pray. If you can donate to help his parents cover costs for travel expenses, lost wages etc that would be incredible! I posted this link to a forum site my husband uses and a complete stranger donated 50 dollars within ten minutes! I couldn't believe it and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for reading! If you would like to donate here is the link!
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